Reflections on the Gospels from a Justice Perspective written for St. Andrew's Episcopal Church by members of the congregation

Monday, November 25, 2013

tMatthew 24: 36=44

Matthew 24:36-44 – “Be Ready”

The Christian Community at the time of Matthew lived in chaos.   The few thousand followers of Jesus were caught between an oppressive government and a Jewish majority which wanted nothing to do with them.  Poverty was rampant under the domination of Rome who had recently destroyed the Temple.

We are also living in chaos.  As a community, we are deluged with dire predictions about global warming, the global economy, water and energy shortages, and terrorism.   As individuals, we are faced with a sense of being overwhelmed by the poverty, homelessness, domestic violence, job loss, disease, addictions that appear to be coming more, not less, rampant. 

“Therefore you must be ready.”  The core question is how to live as faithful followers of Jesus in the midst of chaos – just what do we do when we find ourselves in a bad situation?   How can we learn to seek the good rather than place blame?  How can we learn to banish our fear in order to step out and work for justice?  How can we respond to the needs surrounding us and not succumb to the psychic numbness and hostility the can result from exposure to human misery on a mass scale?  How can we keep dreaming the dream of beating swords into ploughshares?